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Bartleby the Scrivener

This fine press edition of Melville’s classic short story was edited as according to its first printing, an anonymously published edition for Putnam's Monthly (Vol. II No. XI, A Magazine of Literature, Science & Art), November 1853.

Suzanne Moore created original hand lettering of Bartleby’s classic “I would prefer not to” statement in the period style of a 19th century legal script used to represent the increasing abstractness of Bartleby's character as the story progresses. The lettering first appears fully legible and becomes larger until it literally falls off the bottom of the final page.

The frontispiece photograph is a Kallitype print by Wilber H. Schilling, exposed on Kitakata paper. The end papers were handmade by MacGregor & Vinzani. The edition is printed on Arches MBM mould made paper and bound as a sewn-boards binding.

This is the first letterpress edition by Indulgence Press, printed using both lead type and polymer plates. Wilber H. Schilling cast the lead type on a monotype keyboard and casting machine.

Typeface: Bulmer

Text: Herman Melville
Artists: Wilber H. Schilling, Suzanne Moore
Edition: 100
Size: 56 pages, 12 x 6 inches

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